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Hillgrove Cemetery quilt square
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Marion Case CunninghamMarion Case Cunningham, eldest daughter of Des Moines pioneers Rollin A. Case, Jr. and Marion Wilcox Case, wife of former Des Moines city councilman Jack Cunningham, and lifelong Des Moines resident, served on the first Board of Directors for the Des Moines-Zenith Historical Society and was a volunteer dispatcher for the Des Moines Fire Department. Marion made this square depicting Hillgrove Cemetery.


Hillgrove Cemetery

Located on the south side of S. 200th Street at approximately 16th Avenue S., Hillgrove Cemetery, a non-denominational cemetery serving the Des Moines area, consists of one acre of land donated by Frederick Kindling in 1900. Over the years various organizations, including the Boy and Girl Scouts, the Maywood Garden Club, and the Telephone Pioneers of America, have cared for it. Vandalism has been a problem, with headstones toppled or broken, shrubs ripped up, and trash strewn about. A gate has been installed and locked, although it’s possible to visit the cemetery by contacting the King County Parks Department.

—paraphrased from One Hundred Years of the “Waterland” Community: A History of Des Moines, Washington

Hillgrove Cemetery Gate photo

Hillgrove Cemetery photo

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